The platform is turning into a powerful weapon for the music industry

Lady listening to music while biting a vinyl record that has the TikTok logo on the top.
Lady listening to music while biting a vinyl record that has the TikTok logo on the top.
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Lately, you’ve probably heard the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on the radio or on a Spotify playlist. The 1977 song was huge in its year of release, and even though it’s considered a classic by many, it ended up fading away as every song does after some years, especially songs that are almost half a century old.

So how is it that the general public started listening to this song and made it popular again? …

5 rules to make your communication effective, meaningful, and beneficial

Two people having an argument at a park.
Two people having an argument at a park.
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I am a communicator by education and by heart. Even though I’ve been working in the business for more than eight years, at some point I realized that I wasn’t being a proper communicative person in other aspects of my life. After some hard thoughts and practice, I came up with five rules that made my communication with anyone simple, easy, and meaningful.

1. Learn to Listen by Relating

Listening to someone else should be easy, right? Well, the fact is that sometimes it gets very hard to let someone else finish saying what they want, especially when they’re making points that are not true, when…

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The man has worked on all NASA space missions during the last 10 years, including the last mission that reached Mars. With all the difficulties he experienced growing up, it’s natural to wonder: how did he get there?

Jorge Moreno was born in Colombia. When he was 9 years old, his parents got separated, he says that those circumstances changed his life and taught him a lot of lessons.

Jorge dropped out of high school and didn’t have any plans about resuming his studies. He says he thought that he could do things without having to study so much.


The founder and CEO of Twilio is not okay with colleagues reaping the benefits of Silicon Valley until they no longer need it

Source: Jeff Lawson’s LinkedIn

The second biggest thing besides Covid-19 for the Bay Area during last year has definitely been Big Tech’s flee from the region. Most recently, companies like Pinterest, HP Enterprise, and Oracle have decided to go to places like Texas, indicating that high rent and even higher taxes are simply not sustainable anymore.

For Jeff Lawson, Founder and CEO of Twilio, that argument is simply not good enough. In a Twitter thread, the billionaire made his position and point of view very clear.

Lawson says he understands the desire to seek out more affordable locations when the opportunity presents itself…

You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone

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Covid-19 has really taken away the joy and carefreeness of going anywhere without the fear of getting the virus, even a simple walk in the park can be very stressful. The pandemic has also caused many businesses to close permanently, just like the amazing restaurant Barvale, my favorite place for Mediterranean food, their tapas were magnificent and it’s truly a shame that they’re now gone.

Vaccination has started nationwide and according to the city’s representatives, every San Francisco resident will be vaccinated by June of this year. …

The city just committed to vaccinating every resident by the end of June 2021

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

“Incredible and unacceptable how few answers our residents are being given right now. It really does seem that other counties, states, cities have been able to provide a lot more information and clarity, and mass distribution” Matt Haney, San Francisco’s District 6 Supervisor tweeted a week ago after California’s Governor Gavin Newsom listed new mass vaccination sites that excluded San Francisco and the Bay Area. Haney announced he was going to call a hearing immediately with private health providers to discuss how with Public Health Care they can come up with a better strategy to improve COVID-19 mass vaccination.


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